My biological clock ticks for puppies.

July 16, 2009

I have a heavy heart this morning.
Yesterday was my nephew’s 3rd birthday – yes, it has gone by that quickly.
He’s adorable and one of the smartest kids I’ve ever seen in my life.
He can ride a bike, drive a go-kart, take apart pretty much anything you don’t see him get hold of in the first place and generally can run you happily ragged.
It was a lot of fun seeing my sister play hostess in my grandmother’s house – something Granny would have LOVED to have seen.  A house full of children and laughter and noise again, instead of the pain that permeated the last few months of her life.
Allie got a moon bounce and the kids had a great time.

I got to hang out with her crazy in-laws and generally thank GOD for my family and my future in-laws.
Her VERY young sister-in-law is pregnant… happily so, and I want to swoop Abbey up in my arms and run from this place where people try to have babies at 16 years old.  A place where it’s considered okay, normal even.

The evening was a hit for Brayden – a loud hit.

But later, when Abbey and I went to Allie’s house, Abbey accidentally let out Enoch – their pit bull puppy.
Now.  Let me say a few things first.
Enoch has a varied history.
For one, this is a blue pit – a gorgeous pedigreed dog that allows Brayden to hang on him, kick him, bite him, without ever making a move towards him.
He’s a loved member of the family and just wants to love you and play with you – albeit a little roughly – because he just LOVES people.
This is also a dog that got out at their old house, and when attacked by a smaller dog, returned the attack and killed the dog.
He was put in doggie jail as the courts tried to decide what to do with him – at this time, he was about 8 months old.  They went with leniency, made Allie get heavy insurance on him, confine him at all times, and to pay reparations to the other dog owner.
This was slightly annoying – the last part – ONLY because the other people let their dog roam wild in the neighborhood – Enoch didn’t attack the dog first, nor did he approach the dog until the dog attacked him… so while I felt bad that their dog died – it could have been run over easily as anything.  Or kidnapped.  Their irresponsibility contributed.
But, off that soap box.

The judge was lenient because the animal control officer testified for them that he’d never seen a more gentle pit in his life, and that he felt strongly that this was a one-time offense.

But yesterday Enoch got out and chased my cousin’s pomeranian.  A friendly dog – she surprised us all when she not only outran Enoch but outsmarted him.
And boy were we glad – because he had the chase in his eye.   This was the hunting he’d been bred for.  And one of our worst fears – as any attack on a dog means (on our land) that the dog gets shot.

I learned that pomeranians can outrun pits.
I also learned that I can ALMOST catch one while running.
I also learned that my cousin’s dumb-as-shit golden retriever will defend quite mightily when his ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’ are threatened… even if by a pit that is just trying to play (but trust me, seems MUCH scarier)… and that a pit can get it’s ass kicked by a retriever.

Robby caught him before any damage was done.
Any physical.
Robby tased him.

And my heart just broke.
Enoch is a doll.  A sweet baby who just loves and loves.
And that was painful to watch.
But, had the kids been outside they’d have tried to keep them apart.  And while he wouldn’t hurt them normally – I can’t say what he’d do then.
He could kill them. 
Just with his natural inclination to defend himself.

And we have kids all over the hill.
And dogs.

So he just can’t stay.
And this breaks my heart.
One, because I think that pits get a bad rep.
Two, because I like him.  A lot.  He’s gorgeous and loving.
Three, because if he stays, my father will kill him if a line is crossed again.
And it would be.
How could he help himself?
He just wants to run, to chase, to play.
And my dad just wants to make sure that none of the children get hurt – and that’s the only way he can see to ensure that.
We live in the country.
That’s how it’s done.
Attack the kids and you’re outta there.

And all I can see in my head is his poor confused face when he realized he was in trouble and that it wasn’t just one giant game of chase.
And I remember Paisley – a friend’s Staffordshire Terrier (of the same dog type family)- who is the very best spokesman for what the breed really can be. 

I wish people could see that they’re not murdering evil idiots.
And I wish that there was a way to help Enoch get this THRILL out of his system and to calm down a bit.
And I wish yesterday hadn’t happened – because there is nothing I can do.
But for those of you out there screaming that THIS is what pits are bred for, that THIS is all they can do, that they can not be gentle and loving, that they’re always going to turn on you, well.
I have a bit of information for you.

(Jackie, I’m linking this because there IS no better example of what such a “Killer Breed” really is on the inside).

Guys, go visit because everyone needs to learn a bit more than the news or the image that these dogs have to work against.
Enoch doesn’t really have much of a chance of staying on the family’s land because of preconceived notions and yesterday’s actions.
As a parent I can’t argue their stance. 
But as a dog lover I just hurt to the bottom of my heart over this.


4 Responses to “My biological clock ticks for puppies.”

  1. walkingdragonfly said

    he’s still young, yes? very puppy-like. couldn’t he outgrow the crazy need to chase.

    dude, i love pitts and rotties and all of those dogs with the bad reputations. they’re all big babies. sure, they’re always going to have some traits of their breed, but a lot of it is also how they’re trained, etc.

    • snpdragn said

      Rottweilers are one of my all time favorite breeds. They’re so cute!
      Allie’s dog is adorable – and he may outgrow some of the needs he has – but he could probably definitely use some obedience school.
      In his defense – most of his growing up/normal training time periods took place after Allie and Robby had to take in his family when they were evicted…
      His family AND their dogs.
      Making 7 dogs and 1 cat total in the house.
      And people? lemme think… 10 or so?
      It was a madhouse.
      He really just hasn’t had the chance to be trained the ‘right’ way.
      But at least he’s had a lot of people socialization.

  2. MissMelanie said

    Has he been neutered? I agree that it may be his youth. Obedience classes, maybe? I would be sad too.

  3. Kristin said

    I completely agree that he can’t stay. For his own protection. If does anything playfully even without any intended aggravation, the consequences could be dire for him.

    Poor thing. Puppies are puppies. I have/had a pit. My ex kept him in the divorce. We got Bailey as a pup and he was the same way. Loving, sweet, just wanted to sleep in bed next to you and play. My SIL’s kids poked, pulled, even RODE him without him batting an eye. He is and always has been a complete sweetheart. Has never snapped at anyone… though did kill some of my shoes in his younger days…

    My best friend in college had a toy poodle. Nastiest little shit ever. Bit me twice. Her and others, countless times. I hated that stupid 3 pound ball of aggression.

    Killer breed my ass. Pits, rots, dobermans are stronger dogs. True. But there are people who are stronger than others, too. Does that mean they are bad/mean? No. Same goes for dogs. Some big dogs are nasty. Yes. But some little dogs are nasty. Personality and attention-paid has lots to do with that. Not particularly breeding.

    I am rambling. But only because I heard lots of that “killer dog” nonsense from the people who think they know everything when we got Bailey and again when Trenton was born. Trenton who treated him like his own personal pillow. Since Bailey’s only reaction to anything Trenton did was always to lick Trenton’s head, I’m going to have to debunk the killer breed myth. Bailey is 8 years old. Never hurt anyone.

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