Maybe a little homesick.

February 22, 2013

There’s something cleansing about a new snowfall.
Everything ugly is hidden or made beautiful simply by covering it up.
It’s a theory that we humans tend to use in a variety of ways; makeup for our faces, paint for our walls, titles for ourselves.
As though one simple layer could erase what is truly there.

But mostly snowfall is beautiful.
Living in a place that has four seasons for the past few years has been enlightening.
I’ve learned that maybe I’m just allergic to the Mississippi delta or the massive dry season that exists for 10 months a year.
I’ve learned that I do like snow and the cold; in phases, as Minneapolis could make “cold” seem like a meager adjective.

Tonight, as I move my paper blinds out of the way – as no snowfall can help me pick out curtains that I like in this new house – I’m enjoying the quiet that snow and winter… yes, and midnight, as well… bring to a place.
You can’t tell that I’m just a hop from a city of millions upon millions.
Tonight it’s almost as quiet as home and if it were logical or reasonable I’d curl up with a blanket on the front porch and pull that feeling a little closer.


One Response to “Maybe a little homesick.”

  1. Gosh, this was pretty.

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